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I have watched other production managers who approached this role as strictly a ‘bean counter’ and hard line disciplinarian of cast and crew. I have studied management styles in various industries for years and been in that leadership role periodically.

Currently, I am at work as a production manager for a feature film (All-In Madonna). I went into this job with some preconceived notions about the role. And, as always, the reality has taught me a few lessons!

Throughout my experiences on both sides of the management department, I have developed my own sense of team management.

As a production manager, I would say my focus is on building up my team in a way that facilitates an attitude of holding space for creativity. While there is always the consideration of cost and budgeting – both time and money – my management decisions are based on answering one key question: does this help to create and hold space for the team to focus on their craft and do their best work?

During a film production, we become much like a family, and I find this approach gives us each the space to be our most authentic selves as creative people; developing and learning skills together.

The YAH WAVE production family photo.

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