Indie & Mainstream Filmmaking

Making the jump from independent film work to mainstream film work puts me in a weird in-between; overqualified for entry level office roles, but not yet experienced enough for the producer’s/director’s assistant roles that I really want. Seeing as I’ve decided I want to become a producer, these are the roles in which I can put my skill set to use while learning from each production, as I have on indie films.

With homes on both the island and mainland Vancouver, I have opened up my options and I look forward to working indie films on both the mainland and the island now! I also am available for more of the WIFTV events that I have been missing out on, which is exciting, as I’m an active member and alumni of their Tricksters & Writers screenwriting program.

In the meantime, I continue to take meetings and interviews for jobs in the mainstream industry and I’m excited for the day when my persistence and work ethic pay off!

Just as I did when I started out last year, I am hitting the ground running, taking on new challenges and, all the learning opportunities I can.