Larke Miller, Director

I brought Leah Flagg on board as Script Supervisor of the production PLUTO with very short notice. She immediately began script breakdown and contacted relevant crew without me having to ask or explain what was needed of her. Leah is well suited to the position of Script Supervisor, as she is a meticulous individual with a creative background, and a strong work ethic.
During production I was given reports and informed of shots required without having to make inquiries. When PLUTO wrapped, Leah promptly sent me notes and reports for the editor.
The cast and crew of PLUTO genuinely enjoyed Leah’s presence on set. I would highly recommend Leah Flagg to other filmmakers. Not solely based on her strength as a script supervisor, but also because of her positive and supportive spirit.

Crystal Hanson, Head of Wardrobe

I had the pleasure of working with Leah Flagg for three years while she was the Marketing Assistant at the Chemainus Theatre Festival. As a department head she liaised with, I benefited from her tireless work ethic, organization skills, efficiency, and ability to work with a variety of personalities.
Leah is incredibly generous with her time and expertise. Her calmness and patience in the face of deadlines and challenges make the stress easier on everyone she works with.
I have no doubt Leah will thrive in the fast paced and high pressure film environment.

Victoria Caldwell, Production Coordinator

I’ve had a working relationship with Leah for a number of years. I have always found her to be helpful, approachable and collaborative in nature. She has remarkable focus, a dedication to excellence and works well with deadline driven tasks. Time management and attention to detail are necessary in the nature of her position and I believe her to possess these in abundance!

Andrea Starr, Box Office Manager

I worked with Leah for three years. We worked in different departments but we collaborated on many projects.
In my experience, Leah has always been very well organized and methodical with her work, as well as very resourceful. I assisted with training Leah on our internal software program, which she learned quickly and with ease.
Leah has a pleasant and warm personality. She has always been respectful and courteous with myself and other co-workers. I would highly recommend her to anyone and would not hesitate to offer myself as a reference.

Amanda Lutner, Vancouver Island University
Advancement & Alumni Relations Coordinator

Leah is a hard-working, self-starter who invariably understands exactly what a project is all about from the outset, and how to get it done quickly and effectively.
Leah is a resourceful, creative, and solution-oriented person who is able to come up with new and innovative approaches to her assigned projects. She is a team leader has also worked effectively as a team member under the direction of other team leaders.
On the interpersonal side, Leah has superior written and verbal communication skills. She gets along extremely well with staff as well as colleagues and is highly respected, as both a person and a professional.
I would highly recommend Leah to any business lucky enough to have her.

Marlie Kelsey, Chemainus BIA
Ambassador Program Coordinator

Working with Leah has been a pleasure. She is very efficient and a hard-working person who tackles everything given to her with attention to detail. She is very creative and shares her knowledge in a positive way with her colleagues. She works well as part of a team and strives to achieve a harmonious environment. She is respected by her peers both as a person and a skilled professional.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Leah for any position she applied for. She would be a credit to any company who employs her.

Michelle Vogelgesang, Chemainus Theatre Festival
Marketing & Sales Director

Leah worked as my assistant for three years. She takes pride in her work, is quick and efficient, and works diligently to meet deadlines. She maintains a professional attitude, managing difficult situations in a calm demeanor, working effectively with others to come up with solutions that are mutually beneficial.
I believe Leah would be an asset to your company, she has a confident, professional attitude, and works hard to maintain a positive work environment. She is a very quick, and qualified individual, and a pleasure to work with.