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Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

It has been said that “teamwork makes the dream work” and in filmmaking I have experienced this to be more so than in other industries, in part because a production team is there to literally make someone’s creative dream come to life.

Recently, I worked on an independent film set which was beset by a number of challenges that would have, typically, halted production. In this case though, the leadership of our directorial team was such that we adapted and overcame everything from missing equipment, to transportation issues, bad weather, a double-booked filming location, and more!

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I was brought in by the director, Larke Miller, for this production only days before we began shooting to replace the original script supervisor and I’m so glad I agreed to jump in! It was a great learning experience and reinforced for me that I’m working in an industry well suited to my nature, creativity, and skills.

As with many independent film productions, members of the cast and crew stepped in to fulfill more than one role, lending their varied expertise in set decoration, sound and lighting design, special effects makeup, and even craft services. It was inspiring to see so many rise to the challenges with grace and generosity in order to bring our writer/director’s vision to life.

I am beginning to find my place within the local filmmaking community so that I am now meeting familiar faces on nearly every production and at every event I attend. Working on Pluto, in particular, it was my pleasure to become better acquainted with many of the cast and crew. It was a privilege to see first hand that teamwork does indeed make the dream work!

To the directorial team, cast, and crew of Pluto, I send out a round of applause for a job well done in the face of many challenges, and my sincere gratitude for sharing your individual stories and knowledge of filmmaking with me.

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