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Just as we began to approach our inaugural production season for WHITE RAVEN PICTURES, the film industry came to a grinding halt. Our production calendar is shifting in blocks of several weeks at a time, as we hit the pause button.

With our first short film “I’m Sorry I Love You” in pre-production, we are awaiting the day when the social distancing measures required to control the spread of COVID-19 are lifted so that we may proceed. 

To quote Dave Perkal, a Santa Monica-based director of photography, in an article for the LA TIMES by Stacey Perman:

“this is an invisible virus, what do you do? I’m not sure what that is. But I will not put my workers in jeopardy.”

As an indie producer and a coordinator in mainstream film/tv I’m anticipating significant, important changes to how we do things on set and in the office.

– I already have a strict 10-hour shoot day on my indie sets because I insist on adequate work/life balance and rest to support my cast and crew’s mental and physical wellbeing.
– I’m looking at better solutions for craft services and catering meals on set now and building that into my budgets.
– I utilize many digital solutions to traditional paperwork: scriptwriting, shot listing apps, scenechronize, digital start packs….

Brainstorming with others in the film community, I know we will address many other ways this pandemic will give us an opportunity to improve the working conditions and health and safety standards in our industry. 

I’m looking forward to problem solving and building solutions into the budget that put our my teams’ health and well-being first.

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