Why you need a Script Supervisor!

Why do you need a script supervisor for your production?

From script breakdowns and pre-production meetings to the last day of shooting, a script supervisor is the extra eyes and ears of the director and the safety net for continuity.

We know the script inside out and backward because we have broken it down scene by scene, line by line, to make sure we know where all the moving parts of a storyline fit together.

    1. We help the director to make certain no coverage is missed during shooting and our notes inform the editor of how the director wants the story to come together.
    2. We are the official timekeepers on set, recording the times of first and last shot of the day so the crew can be paid.
    3. We determine the slate numbers of each scene, setup, and take.
    4. We track scenes, shots, and takes, with notes about what is good and bad about each take.
    5. We are intensely focused, attentive to the details so that we can draw the director’s attention to a potential problem.
    6. We monitor the integrity of axis and eyelines.
    7. We track the daily progress of the production to keep it on time and on budget.
    8. We track every detail of the shoot as it unfolds on film so that the director and editor can find exactly what they need when they need it during the editing process.

Your Script Supervisor has the answers!

The script supervision role is technical rather than creative; our skills ensure the magic of storytelling happens with the best possible efficiency and integrity.

We are the secret Ninjas of film production!