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Script Supervisor In The News

I’ve heard it said time and again how great it is that Script Supervisors “have our back” on set. But this story demonstrates that in spades! Script Supervisor Emma Danoff’s time-stamped set photos save the day for “City of Lies” star Johnny Depp! Read to full …

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Why you need a Script Supervisor!

Why do you need a script supervisor for your production? From script breakdowns and pre-production meetings to the last day of shooting, a script supervisor is the extra eyes and ears of the director and the safety net for continuity. We know the script inside out …

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Digital Scripty

Since I began training for this role, I have experimented with several different digital tools and spoken with a good number of script supervisors who are currently using the various apps and hardware. I have also created my own templates using various spreadsheets and word processing programs. …

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Jurassic Scripty

Kelly Krieg – Assistant Script Supervisor for the most recent installment of Jurassic Park (Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom). With over 34 credits as Assistant Script Supervisor or Script Supervisor,  she is clearly as professional as she is personable.